Khaos, Inc.

KHAOS, INC was born from the merging of two non profit organizations. Charlotte's Community Outreach (CCO), was formed to aid those who suffer from homelessness and hunger. Birthed to continue the legacy of Charlotte Carnes, CCO served hundreds of individuals and families. Founded by Brenda Carnes, CCO impacted all who received a hug, meal, and/or an encouraging conversation. In January 2015, Brenda stepped down as the president of CCO and Candice Cox was voted into the position. Candice shared the passion of Brenda in the area of helping others help themselves to be better. Candice, founded Organized KHAOS (kids healing and overcoming struggles) to teach and implement social and coping skills using a peer based curriculum. Realizing the importance of providing both services to the community CCO and Organized KHAOS merged to provide services to the community by helping individuals a KHAOS mindset. No matter if an indiviudal is homeless, mentally ill, struggling with life decisions, or just in need of fine tuning their life skills, KHAOS is here to teach all that we serve how to KEEP HEALING AND OVERCOMING STRUGGLES.

KHAOS now provides programs for several community organizations, including the Boys and Girls Club of Saint Louis, and several schools, including schools within St. Louis Public School District. We pride ourselves on meeting every individual where they are to teach them how to getRAW with their issues. Each individual learns how to Realize the issues, Admit how it prevents them from living a life of mental wellness. and Work through the barriers to achieve their goals.It is our hope that everyone that we touch has the ability to live a life a KHAOS!

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