Momma, is my hair good? [children’s book]

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About the Author:

Aleshia Patterson is a native of Saint Louis, MO. She earned a bachelor of arts in communications from the University of Missouri-Saint Louis and a master of arts in communication Arts with an emphasis in Media Literacyfrom Webster University. She is also the founder of Aleshia Simone LLC, a media literacy enrichment company, focused on "creating critical and conscious consumers of media."

Aleshia is highly passionate about media messaging focused on and blackwomen. She wrote this book to spark conversations about the effects ofmessaging on little girls of color and hopes it will also be a catalyst of personal healing for black women and girls.

She may be reached at or P.O. Box 2480 Florissant,MO 63032-2480.

About the Illustrator:

Donald Hill is the founder of Donnie Graphics, an Arizona based company. He uses his gift of 15 years to work with new entrepreneurs to help upliftand encourage them to “be all in” their full potential and passion.

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